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925 ° silver jewelry to celebrate the Faith with elegance
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Milano, 21th March 2018

AMEN jewels

AMEN: silver 925° precious jewelry with Prayers or all Saints you are devoted the most
Particular and precious jewels: sometimes a detail is all you need.
Amen jewels have been conceived as a project born from a Giovanni Licastro intuition, a businessman who decided to realize words-of-faith-made jewelry in 2012, so that they could instill in people a sense of protection.
Amen collections enclose not just the idea of Faith itself but a way wider meaning of Love, to your partner, to your friends and to anyone who is close to your heart, in going beyond pure religious gestures and spreading an across-the-board message of love.
Jesus and Mary as the Angels, the Hearts, without forgetting the most loved Saints: San Gennaro, San Rita, San Francesco, San Cristoforo, straight to the dearest prayers, from Angelo di Dio to Padre Nostro, the message of Love transfers to jewelry items in precious Silver 925°, also gold and rose gold rhodium-plated, to merge fashion, faith and elegance in unique items.

AMEN jewels

Faith is Fashion
Amen collection is made up of rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces combining decorations, shapes and engravings strictly connected to religion: angels, with their wings and hearts, crosses and prayers engraved in silver, gold or other precious materials. The pieces are creative and accurate in their details: from the innovative magnetic stainless steel catch to the engraving of the words and the selection of materials as silver 925° and semiprecious stones. Everything strictly MADE IN ITALY.

AMEN Jewels
Focus on: gent bracelets
Modern lines are peculiar in bracelets as the outstanding balance between shapes and materials. Leather gent bracelets obviously stand out between the most requested items: made up of a thin leather cord, proposed in different colors with silver elements concerning faith and Christian roots of real made in Italy.


Young style, traditional yet unconventional
Flashy jewels as Rosaries in semiprecious stones are perfect as fashion accessories for boho-chic style enthusiasts, bohemian yet homeless, a shabby attitude inspired by Hippie one in the 60s with a tasteful and refined evolution, not casual at all and performed at its best by actress Sienna Miller and model Kate Moss.
Add a boho-chic pinch to your shop window with these pieces inspired to the most appreciated style of the 3rd millennium!
AMEN: unlimited quantities
All pieces with 75% off!

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